Roof conversion for Roof Windows and Solar Panels:

Velux conversion Thatched Roof

Over the lifetime of a house the needs of the residents change. A new roof window or solar panels can be a good solution to improve the comfort of the house.

We can convert your thatched roof to a roof with roof windows such as Velux.

Furthermore, it is possible to install Solar panels on your roof. For this parts of the roof need to be removed. Instead of new thatch we can install corrugated iron, or roof tiles add the location of the solar panels. The installtion of the Solar panels is not part of our service.

Unfortunately placing solar panels directly on the thatch is not advised, this makes it impossible to repair, maintain, or clean the thatched roof beneath the solar panels.

bringing thatched roof back in form
bringing thatched roof back in form

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information and details.