Maintenance and Repairs:

small hole in thatched roof

Over the years a roof will experience some damage. This happens either because of the weather, such a storms, or because of animals. Birds and Weasel are often the culprit that make holes in the roof. We can repair these damages and ensure that the roof remains waterproof.

Some parts of the roof experience more wear and tear, these are areas where multiple water streams meet. These areas are mostly the valleys. Other areas include the top of roof chapels. These are often more flat and therefore more prone to damage.

Depending on the damage, some parts of the roof need to be replaced or renovated. you can find more information on renovation here.

We also offer yearly Maintenance contracts. These contracts include a yearly inspection of the roof and the repair of smaller damages such as Weasel and bird holes.

replaced valleys and chapel
bringing thatched roof back in form

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information and details.