Moss on thatched roof, partially cleaned

After years of wear and tear, when the roof is not thick enough anymore, it either has to be replaced or restorated.

The restoration process is the same as with the process of cleaning the roof. The top layer of the old roof is removed. Afterwards the thatch is pulled down and additional thatch is added to increase the thickniss of the roof.

After the restoration of the roof the moss will grow back and the normal wear and tear will continue, but to reduce the amount of moss on the roof we can apply an moss inhibitor treatment. This treatment will reduce the amount of moss on the roof.

Some parts that experience more wear and tear are the valley gutters as well as the top of roof chapels. Roof chapels are typically less steep angled allowing the rain to reach deeper into the roof. They might need to be replaced completely.

Roof tiles are also replaced if they are broken or missing.

one side of roof cleaned

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