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Our Standards:

Complete care when demolishing old roofs

Maintaining a Waterproof roof during the work

Maintaining full access to premises

Environment friendly garbage disposal

Checking or repairing of old structure

Consultation about design implementation details

Quality Control through own riet imports

Abiding the current security standards

Ecological business management

Past Projects:


The Jongerden thatcher family has lived in Eemnes since 1885. A family originating from Gooi that has been in the thatching business since 1800. The oldest details date back to 1650. Reijer was the first thatcher in the family. he must have started his profession about 1800. His trade was passed on to his son Jan Jongerden and grandson Reijer. The latter gave the bussiness to his son Jacob Jongerden. Jacob passed the thatching business on to his two sons Arent and Isaak Jongerden. There were now two thatching businesses in that generation. Isaak passed the business on to his sons Gerit and Arent Jongerden. Isaak sold his firm in 1960. Arent started his own business. Gerit as well passed on his business. Hence, Renee Jongerden is the last thatcher from the Jongerden thatching family.